TMR 4 Wide Input DC-DC

Compact 4 Watt DC/DC converter (SIP-8) for industrial applications

• Compact SIP-8 package
• Wide 4:1 input voltage range
• Temperature range –40° to +70°C without derating
• High efficiency up to 87%
• I/O isolation 1600 VDC
• Protection against short-circuit and over load
• Fully regulated outputs
• Remote On/Off control
• 3-year product warranty

The TMR 4 and TMR 4WI are a set of regulated 4 Watt DC/DC converters with either 2:1 (TMR 4) or 4:1 (TMR 4WI) input voltage range. They come in a compact SIP-8 package featuring single and dual output models, I/O isolation voltage of 1600 VDC and protection against short-circuit and over load.

Being 4 Watt converters these series act as excellent gap closers between the more common 3 & 6 Watt converters. They offer a cost-efficient alternative to 5 and 6 Watt converters in applications where a 3 Watt converter would operate at the absolute technical limits (e.g. output power).

Here is the datasheet of the Wide Input

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