New 80V, 15A ePower™ Stage

The EPC2152 is a single chip driver plus eGaN® FET half-bridge power stage product family. Integration is implemented using EPC’s proprietary GaN IC technology. Input logic interface, level shifting, bootstrap charging and gate drive buffer circuits along with eGaN output FETs configured as a halfbridge are integrated within a monolithic chip. This results in a chip-scale LGA form factor device that measures only 3.85 mm x 2.59 mm x 0.63 mm

Features of the EPC2152x

  • Separate and independent high side and low side control inputs
  • Input signal compatible with 3.3 V CMOS logic or 15 V analog controller
  • 1 ns switching time at output node
  • Robust level shifter operating from negative transient conditions
  • False trigger immunity greater than 100 V/ns at output node
  • Undervoltage lockout for high side and low side power supplies

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