AVE SIM cards and chipSIMs as subscription or prepaid

NExTPlus allows localization to address deployments in various regions without managing multiple SIMs. Localization enables you to use a native MNO profile in areas with permanent roaming restrictions. It also lets users check for coverage at installation and download the MNO profile that offers the best coverage for the location. It enables you to change, add or replace a SIM profile. NExTPlus can support multiple profiles on one SIM, including multi-IMSI roaming profiles. Further provides future-proof multi-IMSI, multi-profile capabilities. If you have deployments in several markets, you may need specific technologies from particular operators. We can future-proof your connectivity with global MNO partnerships. These partnerships enable total flexibility to optimize coverage, network technologies (e.g., Cat M, NB-IoT, VoLTE and 5G) and costs.

The sims can be used with all modem manufacturers and provide the following features:

  • Optimize dynamic bundle adjustment
  • Access to your own Telit portal
  • Building triggers to automate blocking sims when data usage is too high
  • Network Switch
  • API access for full integration
  • Remote IMSI switch and upload
  • Optional OneEdgeTM cloud integration

If used in combination with Telit hardware the following features are added:

  • Remote AT commands and diagnostics
  • FOTA (Firmware of the air update


Please ask AVE for pricing providing your monthly data usage and (regional) coverage need and the annual quantity of SIMS required to special address: sims@ave-nl.com