Magnetic positioning + Ic Haus IC's from AVE


The Master track is composed of an even number of magnetized poles. This first track is used for high precision position definition.
The second track referred as the Nonius track has one less pair of poles than the Master track. This track is used to calculate an absolute position by calculating the offset to the Master track.

The elastic properties of the rubber, combined with good rubber-metal adhesion, ensure good performance under extreme environments.
The combination of magnetic rings with Hall effect sensors of the iC-MU series create absolute position measuring systems.
Hutchinson Nonius magnet rings respond efficiently to industrial applications. They are fully adapted to robots used in medical applications, for automated production lines or machine tools.

Magnetic vulcanized rubber compound
Bonding stainless steel insert
Temperature range -40 to 140 °C
Dimensions from 20 to 90 mm
Axial & radial designs
Optimized magnetic signal
Optimum adhesion adapted to high speed
Permanent magnetic material
Thin design for downsized housing (1,1mm for axial design)
Adapted to robotic and motor control applications

Information Hutchinson disks & rings –> Datasheet

Available at AVE –> iC-MU Series from iC-Haus –> Datasheet